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Strategy aiming at more people cycling and walking in Lower Austria

Assessment of the Viennese cycle route network based on a consolidated database and extended quality levels for different route categories

Development of an expert system for the identification and assessment of potential zones for the logistics industry in Austria

Model based identification and route alignment of possible cycle highways in Lower Austria

Model based determination of the potential demand for bike parking facilities at Viennese underground stations

Multimodality check of public transport stations with a strong focus on possibilities to access public transport stations by bicycle or foot

Definition of future cycle route network for the three municipalities Furth/Göttweig, Krems/Donau and Mautern/Donau

Development of a guideline to support the development and implementation of public transport services in the cross-border region Austria and Hungary

Transnational project coordination and content-related input for the Environment Agency Austria (Danube Transnational Programme)

Transdanube.Pearls website

Analysis of accessibly levels regarding public transport and car travel in Austria on behalf of the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning 

Evaluation and strategic development of Park/Bike and ride facilities in the region of Burgenland

Elaboration of a new strategy for the promotion of (everyday) cycling in the Austrian region of Burgenland

Analysis of the quality of public transport supply in relation to the settlement development in the Eastern Region of Austria

Development of the new general transport strategy for the Austrian region of Burgenland

GVS Burgenland download (german, PDF, 9MB)

Cross-border grid-based spatial analysis model for Lower Austria and adjacent regions in Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and Hungary and project coordination for the State of Lower Austria (AT-CZ/AT-SK/AT-HU Cross Border Cooperation Programms)

Development of the mobility master plan for the Austrian region of Carinthia

Transnational project coordination and content-related input for the Regional Government of Lower Austria (Danube Transnational Programme)

DBS Gateway Region website

Development of regional cycle networks for everyday cycling in several regions of Burgenland

Regional Mobility Plan for future-oriented mobility in the Styrian district of Liezen

Coordination for the development of a pan-European master plan on cycling

Assessment model for potentials in passenger and freight transport for Austrian Federal Railways

Concept for more sustainable mobility in the Carinthian town of Althofen

Conception of flexible transport solutions for the 12 municipalities of the district of Jennersdorf

Improve planning of cycling and walking in the Austrian region of Burgenland

CycleWalk website

Experience in the programms Danube Transnational, Central Europe, Alpine Space, Interreg-Europe and Cross-Border

Development of a methodology to assess the attractiveness of local settlement structures for all-day-cyclists

Funding applications for companies, tourism institutions and municipalities

Technical assistance for project applicants to develop project concepts for the new funding period

Project coordination for the lead partner, the Environment Agency Austria (ETC, South-East Europe Programme)

Evaluation and technical assistance of flexible transport solutions funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund

Elaboration of a mobility concept for the surrounding area of the new pedestrian and cycle bridge between Vysoká pri Morave and Marchegg in the Slovak-Austrian cross-border region

Needs assessmentfor the future designation of commercial areas in municipalities along the planned S8 Marchfeld highway

Project coordination and transnational project cooperation for the lead partner Burgenland State Government office (ETC, South-East Europe Programme)

Development of benchmarks for the quantitative assessment of local amenities and analysis of the situation in the Oberwart district

Optimisation of public transport services in Schneeberg region, Lower Austria

Support the City of Vienna and communities adjacent to the airport region in implementation of selected measures of their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) – special emphasis on flexible transport solutions , rail services and cross-border cycling network

Support of the improvement of the cross-border rail infrastructure in the functional region of Burgenland/Western Hungary

Strategic Environmental Audit for the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Austria-Hungary 2014-2020

Smart Shopping Mobility – Identification of possibilities to promote public transport in shopping traffic in the Austria-Hungary border region

Development of methods to evaluate accessibility on public transport between different economic clusters in Vienna