Accessibility and Regional planning

Methods and models for regional planning and spatial analysis

The development potential of a region is greatly influenced by the existing infrastructure. Focusing public investment in the most suitable areas generates the highest added value for the regions. That requires the responsible authorities to have a clear picture of their region.

In cooperation with our partners, we are constantly enhancing our methods and models for the analysis of spatial structures. With our many years of experience we assist public bodies to identify and quantify the existing potential for development as well as deficiencies, and to develop appropriate measures.

Selected references:

Settlement development and public transport Analysis of the quality of public transport supply in relation to the settlement development in the Eastern Region of Austria
Railway potential analysis Assessment model for potentials in passenger and freight transport for Austrian Federal Railways
National accessibility analysis Austria Analysis of accessibly levels regarding public transport and car travel in Austria on behalf of the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning
ERRAM Cross-Border Cross-border grid-based spatial analysis model for Lower Austria and adjacent regions in Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and Hungary
> Project website regional planning Lower Austria
Accessiblity of economic cluster Development of methods to evaluate accessibility on public transport between different economic clusters in Vienna
Needs assessment S8 Needs assessmentfor the future designation of commercial areas in municipalities along the planned S8 Marchfeld highway
BeVer Development of benchmarks for the quantitative assessment of local amenities and analysis of the situation in the Oberwart district
SEA AT-HU Strategic Environmental Audit for the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Austria-Hungary 2014-2020
ERRAM NÍ Grid-based spatial analysis model and user tool for the Lower Austrian regions