Evaluation, development and monitoring of sustainable mobility solutions

Mobility is a basic human need – long-term financially viable, integrated services help to ensure mobility in times of budgetary constraints.

The best offers for improved mobility will fail if the transport system doesn’t function as a whole. Thus every project must begin with an analysis of the existing transport system & spatial structures in the region. Based on the results of that analysis, we develop strategies which meet the needs of the various user groups to improve the existing situation – while placing great value on utilising synergies to ensure economically sustainable operations.

The needs of various user groups must be central to the development phase of any mobility offer. The experts at Verracon readily support you in designing concepts for new mobility schemes and assist you in their realization.

Quality management during implementation of the project is as important to a successful realization of the project as is ongoing monitoring during the operational phase.

Selected references:

Regional cycle network Burgenland Development of regional cycle networks for everyday cycling in several regions of Burgenland
RMP Liezen Regional Mobility Plan for future-oriented mobility in the Styrian district of Liezen
Mobility concept Althofen Concept for more sustainable mobility in the Carinthian town of Althofen
Master Plan Cycling Burgenland Elaboration of a new strategy for the promotion of (everyday) cycling in the Austrian region of Burgenland
CycleWalk Improve planning of cycling and walking in the Austrian region of Burgenland > zur CycleWalk Internetseite
MoMaK2035 Development of the mobility master plan for the Austrian region of Carinthia
Cycle bridge Marchegg Elaboration of a mobility concept for the surrounding area of the new pedestrian and cycle bridge between Vysoká pri Morave and Marchegg in the Slovak-Austrian cross-border region
Rail network Burgenland/ Western Hungary Support of the improvement of the cross-border rail infrastructure in the functional region of Burgenland/Western Hungary
General transport strategy Burgenland Development of the new general transport strategy for the Austrian region of Burgenland
Flexible transport solutions Evaluation and technical assistance of flexible transport solutions funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund
All-day-cycling in Vorarlberg Development of a methodology to assess the attractiveness of local settlement structures for all-day-cyclists
Public transport optimisation Optimisation of public transport services in Schneeberg region, Lower Austria
PUMAS Support the City of Vienna and communities adjacent to the airport region in implementation of selected measures of their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) – special emphasis on flexible transport solutions , rail services and cross-border cycling network
SmaShMob Smart Shopping Mobility – Identification of possibilities to promote public transport in shopping traffic in the Austria-Hungary border region