Project Coordination & Quality Management

Coordination of projects in the transport and planning sector

Many projects demand an approach which is both cross-sectoral, and to an increasing degree, cross-border. That requires the cooperation of experts from various disciplines and regions and with a variety of cultural backgrounds.

As the connecting point between the various stakeholders, we support the efficient implementation of your project. This allows you to concentrate on your core areas of competence!

Selected references:

Transdanube. Pearls Transnational project coordination and content-related input for the Environment Agency Austria (Danube Transnational Programme)
> to Transdanube.Pearls website
> Transdanube.Pearls on Facebook
DBS Gateway Region Transnational project coordination and content-related input for the Regional Government of Lower Austria (Danube Transnational Programme)
> to DBS Gateway Region website
SETA Project coordination and transnational project cooperation for the lead partner Burgenland State Government office (ETC, South-East Europe Programme)
> to SETA website
TRANSDANUBE Project coordination for the lead partner, the Environment Agency Austria (ETC, South-East Europe Programme)
> to Transdanube website
ERRAM CROSS-BORDER Project coordination for the State of Lower Austria (AT-CZ/AT-SK/AT-HU Cross Border Cooperation Programms)
> Project website regional development Lower Austria
THE PEP Partnership on Cycling Coordination for the development of a pan-European master plan on cycling
Alpcheck2 Project coordination for the State of Carinthia (ETC, Alpine Space Programme)